Full info about a channel, supergroup or gigagroup.

channelFull#f2bcb6f flags:# can_view_participants:flags.3?true can_set_username:flags.6?true can_set_stickers:flags.7?true hidden_prehistory:flags.10?true can_set_location:flags.16?true has_scheduled:flags.19?true can_view_stats:flags.20?true blocked:flags.22?true flags2:# can_delete_channel:flags2.0?true antispam:flags2.1?true participants_hidden:flags2.2?true translations_disabled:flags2.3?true stories_pinned_available:flags2.5?true view_forum_as_messages:flags2.6?true id:long about:string participants_count:flags.0?int admins_count:flags.1?int kicked_count:flags.2?int banned_count:flags.2?int online_count:flags.13?int read_inbox_max_id:int read_outbox_max_id:int unread_count:int chat_photo:Photo notify_settings:PeerNotifySettings exported_invite:flags.23?ExportedChatInvite bot_info:Vector<BotInfo> migrated_from_chat_id:flags.4?long migrated_from_max_id:flags.4?int pinned_msg_id:flags.5?int stickerset:flags.8?StickerSet available_min_id:flags.9?int folder_id:flags.11?int linked_chat_id:flags.14?long location:flags.15?ChannelLocation slowmode_seconds:flags.17?int slowmode_next_send_date:flags.18?int stats_dc:flags.12?int pts:int call:flags.21?InputGroupCall ttl_period:flags.24?int pending_suggestions:flags.25?Vector<string> groupcall_default_join_as:flags.26?Peer theme_emoticon:flags.27?string requests_pending:flags.28?int recent_requesters:flags.28?Vector<long> default_send_as:flags.29?Peer available_reactions:flags.30?ChatReactions stories:flags2.4?PeerStories wallpaper:flags2.7?WallPaper = ChatFull;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
can_view_participants flags.3?true Can we view the participant list?
can_set_username flags.6?true Can we set the channel's username?
can_set_stickers flags.7?true Can we associate a stickerpack to the supergroup?
hidden_prehistory flags.10?true Is the history before we joined hidden to us?
can_set_location flags.16?true Can we set the geolocation of this group (for geogroups)
has_scheduled flags.19?true Whether scheduled messages are available
can_view_stats flags.20?true Can the user view channel/supergroup statistics
blocked flags.22?true Whether any anonymous admin of this supergroup was blocked: if set, you won't receive messages from anonymous group admins in discussion replies via @replies
flags2 # Flags, see TL conditional fields
can_delete_channel flags2.0?true Can we delete this channel?
antispam flags2.1?true Whether native antispam functionality is enabled in this supergroup.
participants_hidden flags2.2?true Whether the participant list is hidden.
translations_disabled flags2.3?true Whether the real-time chat translation popup should be hidden.
stories_pinned_available flags2.5?true Whether this user has some pinned stories.
view_forum_as_messages flags2.6?true Users may also choose to display messages from all topics of a forum as if they were sent to a normal group, using a "View as messages" setting in the local client.
This setting only affects the current account, and is synced to other logged in sessions using the channels.toggleViewForumAsMessages method; invoking this method will update the value of this flag.
id long ID of the channel
about string Info about the channel
participants_count flags.0?int Number of participants of the channel
admins_count flags.1?int Number of channel admins
kicked_count flags.2?int Number of users kicked from the channel
banned_count flags.2?int Number of users banned from the channel
online_count flags.13?int Number of users currently online
read_inbox_max_id int Position up to which all incoming messages are read.
read_outbox_max_id int Position up to which all outgoing messages are read.
unread_count int Count of unread messages
chat_photo Photo Channel picture
notify_settings PeerNotifySettings Notification settings
exported_invite flags.23?ExportedChatInvite Invite link
bot_info Vector<BotInfo> Info about bots in the channel/supergroup
migrated_from_chat_id flags.4?long The chat ID from which this group was migrated
migrated_from_max_id flags.4?int The message ID in the original chat at which this group was migrated
pinned_msg_id flags.5?int Message ID of the last pinned message
stickerset flags.8?StickerSet Associated stickerset
available_min_id flags.9?int Identifier of a maximum unavailable message in a channel due to hidden history.
folder_id flags.11?int Peer folder ID, for more info click here
linked_chat_id flags.14?long ID of the linked discussion chat for channels
location flags.15?ChannelLocation Location of the geogroup
slowmode_seconds flags.17?int If specified, users in supergroups will only be able to send one message every slowmode_seconds seconds
slowmode_next_send_date flags.18?int Indicates when the user will be allowed to send another message in the supergroup (unixtime)
stats_dc flags.12?int If set, specifies the DC to use for fetching channel statistics
pts int Latest PTS for this channel
call flags.21?InputGroupCall Livestream or group call information
ttl_period flags.24?int Time-To-Live of messages in this channel or supergroup
pending_suggestions flags.25?Vector<string> A list of suggested actions for the supergroup admin, see here for more info ».
groupcall_default_join_as flags.26?Peer When using phone.getGroupCallJoinAs to get a list of peers that can be used to join a group call, this field indicates the peer that should be selected by default.
theme_emoticon flags.27?string Emoji representing a specific chat theme
requests_pending flags.28?int Pending join requests »
recent_requesters flags.28?Vector<long> IDs of users who requested to join recently
default_send_as flags.29?Peer Default peer used for sending messages to this channel
available_reactions flags.30?ChatReactions Allowed message reactions »
stories flags2.4?PeerStories Channel stories
wallpaper flags2.7?WallPaper Wallpaper



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