dialog#d58a08c6 flags:# pinned:flags.2?true unread_mark:flags.3?true view_forum_as_messages:flags.6?true peer:Peer top_message:int read_inbox_max_id:int read_outbox_max_id:int unread_count:int unread_mentions_count:int unread_reactions_count:int notify_settings:PeerNotifySettings pts:flags.0?int draft:flags.1?DraftMessage folder_id:flags.4?int ttl_period:flags.5?int = Dialog;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
pinned flags.2?true Is the dialog pinned
unread_mark flags.3?true Whether the chat was manually marked as unread
peer Peer The chat
top_message int The latest message ID
read_inbox_max_id int Position up to which all incoming messages are read.
read_outbox_max_id int Position up to which all outgoing messages are read.
unread_count int Number of unread messages
unread_mentions_count int Number of unread mentions
unread_reactions_count int Number of unread reactions to messages you sent
notify_settings PeerNotifySettings Notification settings
pts flags.0?int PTS
draft flags.1?DraftMessage Message draft
folder_id flags.4?int Peer folder ID, for more info click here
ttl_period flags.5?int Time-to-live of all messages sent in this dialog



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