A participant has left, joined, was banned or admined in a channel or supergroup.

updateChannelParticipant#985d3abb flags:# via_chatlist:flags.3?true channel_id:long date:int actor_id:long user_id:long prev_participant:flags.0?ChannelParticipant new_participant:flags.1?ChannelParticipant invite:flags.2?ExportedChatInvite qts:int = Update;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
via_chatlist flags.3?true Whether the participant joined using a chat folder deep link ».
channel_id long Channel ID
date int Date of the event
actor_id long User that triggered the change (inviter, admin that kicked the user, or the even the user_id itself)
user_id long User that was affected by the change
prev_participant flags.0?ChannelParticipant Previous participant status
new_participant flags.1?ChannelParticipant New participant status
invite flags.2?ExportedChatInvite Chat invite used to join the channel/supergroup
qts int New qts value, see updates » for more info.



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