Extended user info

userFull#c4b1fc3f flags:# blocked:flags.0?true phone_calls_available:flags.4?true phone_calls_private:flags.5?true can_pin_message:flags.7?true has_scheduled:flags.12?true video_calls_available:flags.13?true voice_messages_forbidden:flags.20?true id:long about:flags.1?string settings:PeerSettings profile_photo:flags.2?Photo notify_settings:PeerNotifySettings bot_info:flags.3?BotInfo pinned_msg_id:flags.6?int common_chats_count:int folder_id:flags.11?int ttl_period:flags.14?int theme_emoticon:flags.15?string private_forward_name:flags.16?string bot_group_admin_rights:flags.17?ChatAdminRights bot_broadcast_admin_rights:flags.18?ChatAdminRights premium_gifts:flags.19?Vector<PremiumGiftOption> = UserFull;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
blocked flags.0?true Whether you have blocked this user
phone_calls_available flags.4?true Whether this user can make VoIP calls
phone_calls_private flags.5?true Whether this user's privacy settings allow you to call them
can_pin_message flags.7?true Whether you can pin messages in the chat with this user, you can do this only for a chat with yourself
has_scheduled flags.12?true Whether scheduled messages are available
video_calls_available flags.13?true Whether the user can receive video calls
voice_messages_forbidden flags.20?true Whether this user doesn't allow sending voice messages in a private chat with them
id long User ID
about flags.1?string Bio of the user
settings PeerSettings Peer settings
profile_photo flags.2?Photo Profile photo
notify_settings PeerNotifySettings Notification settings
bot_info flags.3?BotInfo For bots, info about the bot (bot commands, etc)
pinned_msg_id flags.6?int Message ID of the last pinned message
common_chats_count int Chats in common with this user
folder_id flags.11?int Peer folder ID, for more info click here
ttl_period flags.14?int Time To Live of all messages in this chat; once a message is this many seconds old, it must be deleted.
theme_emoticon flags.15?string Emoji associated with chat theme
private_forward_name flags.16?string Anonymized text to be shown instead of the the user's name on forwarded messages
bot_group_admin_rights flags.17?ChatAdminRights A suggested set of administrator rights for the bot, to be shown when adding the bot as admin to a group, see here for more info on how to handle them ».
bot_broadcast_admin_rights flags.18?ChatAdminRights A suggested set of administrator rights for the bot, to be shown when adding the bot as admin to a channel, see here for more info on how to handle them ».
premium_gifts flags.19?Vector<PremiumGiftOption> Telegram Premium subscriptions gift options



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