Someone has requested to join a chat or channel (bots only, users will receive an updatePendingJoinRequests, instead)

updateBotChatInviteRequester#11dfa986 peer:Peer date:int user_id:long about:string invite:ExportedChatInvite qts:int = Update;


Name Type Description
peer Peer The chat or channel in question
date int When was the join request » made
user_id long The user ID that is asking to join the chat or channel
about string Bio of the user
invite ExportedChatInvite Chat invite link that was used by the user to send the join request »
qts int QTS event sequence identifier



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Chats and channels may have a public username or a private invite link: private invite links may be further enhanced with per-user join requests.

Working with Updates

How to subscribe to updates and handle them properly.


Someone has requested to join a chat or channel