Channel/supergroup info

channel#8261ac61 flags:# creator:flags.0?true left:flags.2?true broadcast:flags.5?true verified:flags.7?true megagroup:flags.8?true restricted:flags.9?true signatures:flags.11?true min:flags.12?true scam:flags.19?true has_link:flags.20?true has_geo:flags.21?true slowmode_enabled:flags.22?true call_active:flags.23?true call_not_empty:flags.24?true fake:flags.25?true gigagroup:flags.26?true noforwards:flags.27?true id:long access_hash:flags.13?long title:string username:flags.6?string photo:ChatPhoto date:int restriction_reason:flags.9?Vector<RestrictionReason> admin_rights:flags.14?ChatAdminRights banned_rights:flags.15?ChatBannedRights default_banned_rights:flags.18?ChatBannedRights participants_count:flags.17?int = Chat;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
creator flags.0?true Whether the current user is the creator of this channel
left flags.2?true Whether the current user has left this channel
broadcast flags.5?true Is this a channel?
verified flags.7?true Is this channel verified by telegram?
megagroup flags.8?true Is this a supergroup?
restricted flags.9?true Whether viewing/writing in this channel for a reason (see restriction_reason
signatures flags.11?true Whether signatures are enabled (channels)
min flags.12?true See min
scam flags.19?true This channel/supergroup is probably a scam
has_link flags.20?true Whether this channel has a private join link
has_geo flags.21?true Whether this chanel has a geoposition
slowmode_enabled flags.22?true Whether slow mode is enabled for groups to prevent flood in chat
call_active flags.23?true Whether a group call or livestream is currently active
call_not_empty flags.24?true Whether there's anyone in the group call or livestream
fake flags.25?true If set, this supergroup/channel was reported by many users as a fake or scam: be careful when interacting with it.
gigagroup flags.26?true Whether this supergroup is a gigagroup
id long ID of the channel
access_hash flags.13?long Access hash
title string Title
username flags.6?string Username
photo ChatPhoto Profile photo
date int Date when the user joined the supergroup/channel, or if the user isn't a member, its creation date
restriction_reason flags.9?Vector<RestrictionReason> Contains the reason why access to this channel must be restricted.
admin_rights flags.14?ChatAdminRights Admin rights of the user in this channel (see rights)
banned_rights flags.15?ChatBannedRights Banned rights of the user in this channel (see rights)
default_banned_rights flags.18?ChatBannedRights Default chat rights (see rights)
participants_count flags.17?int Participant count



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