Secure value, for more info see the passport docs »

inputSecureValue#db21d0a7 flags:# type:SecureValueType data:flags.0?SecureData front_side:flags.1?InputSecureFile reverse_side:flags.2?InputSecureFile selfie:flags.3?InputSecureFile translation:flags.6?Vector<InputSecureFile> files:flags.4?Vector<InputSecureFile> plain_data:flags.5?SecurePlainData = InputSecureValue;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
type SecureValueType Secure passport value type
data flags.0?SecureData Encrypted Telegram Passport element data
front_side flags.1?InputSecureFile Encrypted passport file with the front side of the document
reverse_side flags.2?InputSecureFile Encrypted passport file with the reverse side of the document
selfie flags.3?InputSecureFile Encrypted passport file with a selfie of the user holding the document
translation flags.6?Vector<InputSecureFile> Array of encrypted passport files with translated versions of the provided documents
files flags.4?Vector<InputSecureFile> Array of encrypted passport files with photos the of the documents
plain_data flags.5?SecurePlainData Plaintext verified passport data



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