Peer settings

peerSettings#818426cd flags:# report_spam:flags.0?true add_contact:flags.1?true block_contact:flags.2?true share_contact:flags.3?true need_contacts_exception:flags.4?true report_geo:flags.5?true = PeerSettings;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
report_spam flags.0?true Whether we can still report the user for spam
add_contact flags.1?true Whether we can add the user as contact
block_contact flags.2?true Whether we can block the user
share_contact flags.3?true Whether we can share the user's contact
need_contacts_exception flags.4?true Whether a special exception for contacts is needed
report_geo flags.5?true Whether we can report a geogroup is irrelevant for this location