Wallpaper rendering information.

wallPaperSettings#372efcd0 flags:# blur:flags.1?true motion:flags.2?true background_color:flags.0?int second_background_color:flags.4?int third_background_color:flags.5?int fourth_background_color:flags.6?int intensity:flags.3?int rotation:flags.4?int emoticon:flags.7?string = WallPaperSettings;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
blur flags.1?true For image wallpapers »: if set, the JPEG must be downscaled to fit in 450x450 square and then box-blurred with radius 12.
motion flags.2?true If set, the background needs to be slightly moved when the device is rotated.
background_color flags.0?int Used for solid », gradient » and freeform gradient » fills.
second_background_color flags.4?int Used for gradient » and freeform gradient » fills.
third_background_color flags.5?int Used for freeform gradient » fills.
fourth_background_color flags.6?int Used for freeform gradient » fills.
intensity flags.3?int Used for pattern wallpapers ».
rotation flags.4?int Clockwise rotation angle of the gradient, in degrees; 0-359. Should be always divisible by 45.
emoticon flags.7?string If set, this wallpaper can be used as a channel wallpaper and is represented by the specified UTF-8 emoji.



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