Accept incoming call

phone.phoneCall#ec82e140 phone_call:PhoneCall users:Vector<User> = phone.PhoneCall;
phone.acceptCall#3bd2b4a0 peer:InputPhoneCall g_b:bytes protocol:PhoneCallProtocol = phone.PhoneCall;


Name Type Description
peer InputPhoneCall The call to accept
g_b bytes Parameter for E2E encryption key exchange ยป
protocol PhoneCallProtocol Phone call settings



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 BOT_METHOD_INVALID This method can't be used by a bot
400 CALL_ALREADY_ACCEPTED The call was already accepted
400 CALL_ALREADY_DECLINED The call was already declined
400 CALL_PEER_INVALID The provided call peer object is invalid
400 CALL_PROTOCOL_FLAGS_INVALID Call protocol flags invalid

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