Location of remote file

inputWebFileLocation#c239d686 url:string access_hash:long = InputWebFileLocation;
inputWebFileGeoPointLocation#9f2221c9 geo_point:InputGeoPoint access_hash:long w:int h:int zoom:int scale:int = InputWebFileLocation;
inputWebFileAudioAlbumThumbLocation#f46fe924 flags:# small:flags.2?true document:flags.0?InputDocument title:flags.1?string performer:flags.1?string = InputWebFileLocation;


Constructor Description
inputWebFileLocation Location of a remote HTTP(s) file
inputWebFileGeoPointLocation Used to download a server-generated image with the map preview from a geoPoint, see the webfile docs for more info ».
inputWebFileAudioAlbumThumbLocation Used to download an album cover for any music file using upload.getWebFile, see the webfile docs for more info ».