Sends a message to a chat

updatesTooLong#e317af7e = Updates;
updateShortMessage#313bc7f8 flags:# out:flags.1?true mentioned:flags.4?true media_unread:flags.5?true silent:flags.13?true id:int user_id:long message:string pts:int pts_count:int date:int fwd_from:flags.2?MessageFwdHeader via_bot_id:flags.11?long reply_to:flags.3?MessageReplyHeader entities:flags.7?Vector<MessageEntity> ttl_period:flags.25?int = Updates;
updateShortChatMessage#4d6deea5 flags:# out:flags.1?true mentioned:flags.4?true media_unread:flags.5?true silent:flags.13?true id:int from_id:long chat_id:long message:string pts:int pts_count:int date:int fwd_from:flags.2?MessageFwdHeader via_bot_id:flags.11?long reply_to:flags.3?MessageReplyHeader entities:flags.7?Vector<MessageEntity> ttl_period:flags.25?int = Updates;
updateShort#78d4dec1 update:Update date:int = Updates;
updatesCombined#725b04c3 updates:Vector<Update> users:Vector<User> chats:Vector<Chat> date:int seq_start:int seq:int = Updates;
updates#74ae4240 updates:Vector<Update> users:Vector<User> chats:Vector<Chat> date:int seq:int = Updates;
updateShortSentMessage#9015e101 flags:# out:flags.1?true id:int pts:int pts_count:int date:int media:flags.9?MessageMedia entities:flags.7?Vector<MessageEntity> ttl_period:flags.25?int = Updates;
messages.sendMessage#1cc20387 flags:# no_webpage:flags.1?true silent:flags.5?true background:flags.6?true clear_draft:flags.7?true noforwards:flags.14?true update_stickersets_order:flags.15?true peer:InputPeer reply_to_msg_id:flags.0?int top_msg_id:flags.9?int message:string random_id:long reply_markup:flags.2?ReplyMarkup entities:flags.3?Vector<MessageEntity> schedule_date:flags.10?int send_as:flags.13?InputPeer = Updates;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
no_webpage flags.1?true Set this flag to disable generation of the webpage preview
silent flags.5?true Send this message silently (no notifications for the receivers)
background flags.6?true Send this message as background message
clear_draft flags.7?true Clear the draft field
noforwards flags.14?true Only for bots, disallows forwarding and saving of the messages, even if the destination chat doesn't have content protection enabled
update_stickersets_order flags.15?true Whether to move used stickersets to top, see here for more info on this flag »
peer InputPeer The destination where the message will be sent
reply_to_msg_id flags.0?int The message ID to which this message will reply to
top_msg_id flags.9?int This field must contain the topic ID only when replying to messages in forum topics different from the "General" topic (i.e. reply_to_msg_id is set and reply_to_msg_id != topicID and topicID != 1).
If the replied-to message is deleted before the method finishes execution, the value in this field will be used to send the message to the correct topic, instead of the "General" topic.
message string The message
random_id long Unique client message ID required to prevent message resending
reply_markup flags.2?ReplyMarkup Reply markup for sending bot buttons
entities flags.3?Vector<MessageEntity> Message entities for sending styled text
schedule_date flags.10?int Scheduled message date for scheduled messages
send_as flags.13?InputPeer Send this message as the specified peer



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 BOT_DOMAIN_INVALID Bot domain invalid.
400 BOT_INVALID This is not a valid bot.
400 BUTTON_DATA_INVALID The data of one or more of the buttons you provided is invalid.
400 BUTTON_TYPE_INVALID The type of one or more of the buttons you provided is invalid.
400 BUTTON_URL_INVALID Button URL invalid.
400 BUTTON_USER_PRIVACY_RESTRICTED The privacy setting of the user specified in a inputKeyboardButtonUserProfile button do not allow creating such a button.
400 CHANNEL_INVALID The provided channel is invalid.
406 CHANNEL_PRIVATE You haven't joined this channel/supergroup.
403 CHAT_ADMIN_REQUIRED You must be an admin in this chat to do this.
403 CHAT_GUEST_SEND_FORBIDDEN You join the discussion group before commenting, see here » for more info.
400 CHAT_ID_INVALID The provided chat id is invalid.
400 CHAT_RESTRICTED You can't send messages in this chat, you were restricted.
403 CHAT_SEND_PLAIN_FORBIDDEN You can't send non-media (text) messages in this chat.
403 CHAT_WRITE_FORBIDDEN You can't write in this chat.
400 ENCRYPTION_DECLINED The secret chat was declined.
400 ENTITIES_TOO_LONG You provided too many styled message entities.
400 ENTITY_BOUNDS_INVALID A specified entity offset or length is invalid, see here » for info on how to properly compute the entity offset/length.
400 ENTITY_MENTION_USER_INVALID You mentioned an invalid user.
400 FROM_MESSAGE_BOT_DISABLED Bots can't use fromMessage min constructors.
400 INPUT_USER_DEACTIVATED The specified user was deleted.
400 MESSAGE_EMPTY The provided message is empty.
400 MESSAGE_TOO_LONG The provided message is too long.
400 MSG_ID_INVALID Invalid message ID provided.
406 PAYMENT_UNSUPPORTED A detailed description of the error will be received separately as described here ».
400 PEER_ID_INVALID The provided peer id is invalid.
400 PINNED_DIALOGS_TOO_MUCH Too many pinned dialogs.
400 POLL_OPTION_INVALID Invalid poll option provided.
500 RANDOM_ID_DUPLICATE You provided a random ID that was already used.
400 REPLY_MARKUP_INVALID The provided reply markup is invalid.
400 REPLY_MARKUP_TOO_LONG The specified reply_markup is too long.
400 SCHEDULE_BOT_NOT_ALLOWED Bots cannot schedule messages.
400 SCHEDULE_DATE_TOO_LATE You can't schedule a message this far in the future.
400 SCHEDULE_STATUS_PRIVATE Can't schedule until user is online, if the user's last seen timestamp is hidden by their privacy settings.
400 SCHEDULE_TOO_MUCH There are too many scheduled messages.
400 SEND_AS_PEER_INVALID You can't send messages as the specified peer.
420 SLOWMODE_WAIT_%d Slowmode is enabled in this chat: wait %d seconds before sending another message to this chat.
406 TOPIC_CLOSED This topic was closed, you can't send messages to it anymore.
406 TOPIC_DELETED The specified topic was deleted.
400 USER_BANNED_IN_CHANNEL You're banned from sending messages in supergroups/channels.
403 USER_IS_BLOCKED You were blocked by this user.
400 USER_IS_BOT Bots can't send messages to other bots.
400 WC_CONVERT_URL_INVALID WC convert URL invalid.
400 YOU_BLOCKED_USER You blocked this user.

Bots can use this method

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