Object contains list of chats with auxiliary data.

messages.chats#64ff9fd5 chats:Vector<Chat> = messages.Chats;
messages.chatsSlice#9cd81144 count:int chats:Vector<Chat> = messages.Chats;


messages.getChats#49e9528f id:Vector<long> = messages.Chats;
messages.getCommonChats#e40ca104 user_id:InputUser max_id:long limit:int = messages.Chats;

channels.getChannels#a7f6bbb id:Vector<InputChannel> = messages.Chats;
channels.getAdminedPublicChannels#f8b036af flags:# by_location:flags.0?true check_limit:flags.1?true = messages.Chats;
channels.getLeftChannels#8341ecc0 offset:int = messages.Chats;
channels.getGroupsForDiscussion#f5dad378 = messages.Chats;
channels.getChannelRecommendations#83b70d97 channel:InputChannel = messages.Chats;

stories.getChatsToSend#a56a8b60 = messages.Chats;


Constructor Description
messages.chats List of chats with auxiliary data.
messages.chatsSlice Partial list of chats, more would have to be fetched with pagination


Method Description
messages.getChats Returns chat basic info on their IDs.
channels.getChannels Get info about channels/supergroups
channels.getAdminedPublicChannels Get channels/supergroups/geogroups we're admin in. Usually called when the user exceeds the limit for owned public channels/supergroups/geogroups, and the user is given the choice to remove one of his channels/supergroups/geogroups.
messages.getCommonChats Get chats in common with a user
channels.getLeftChannels Get a list of channels/supergroups we left, requires a takeout session, see here ยป for more info.
channels.getGroupsForDiscussion Get all groups that can be used as discussion groups.

Returned basic group chats must be first upgraded to supergroups before they can be set as a discussion group.
To set a returned supergroup as a discussion group, access to its old messages must be enabled using channels.togglePreHistoryHidden, first.
stories.getChatsToSend Obtain a list of channels where the user can post stories
channels.getChannelRecommendations Obtain a list of similarly themed public channels, selected based on similarities in their subscriber bases.