Contains the difference (new messages) between our local channel state and the remote state

updates.channelDifferenceEmpty#3e11affb flags:# final:flags.0?true pts:int timeout:flags.1?int = updates.ChannelDifference;
updates.channelDifferenceTooLong#a4bcc6fe flags:# final:flags.0?true timeout:flags.1?int dialog:Dialog messages:Vector<Message> chats:Vector<Chat> users:Vector<User> = updates.ChannelDifference;
updates.channelDifference#2064674e flags:# final:flags.0?true pts:int timeout:flags.1?int new_messages:Vector<Message> other_updates:Vector<Update> chats:Vector<Chat> users:Vector<User> = updates.ChannelDifference;


updates.getChannelDifference#3173d78 flags:# force:flags.0?true channel:InputChannel filter:ChannelMessagesFilter pts:int limit:int = updates.ChannelDifference;


Constructor Description
updates.channelDifferenceEmpty There are no new updates
updates.channelDifferenceTooLong The provided pts + limit < remote pts. Simply, there are too many updates to be fetched (more than limit), the client has to resolve the update gap in one of the way indicated in the constructor page.
updates.channelDifference The new updates


Method Description
updates.getChannelDifference Returns the difference between the current state of updates of a certain channel and transmitted.