Upload a file and associate it to a chat (without actually sending it to the chat)

messageMediaEmpty#3ded6320 = MessageMedia;
messageMediaPhoto#695150d7 flags:# spoiler:flags.3?true photo:flags.0?Photo ttl_seconds:flags.2?int = MessageMedia;
messageMediaGeo#56e0d474 geo:GeoPoint = MessageMedia;
messageMediaContact#70322949 phone_number:string first_name:string last_name:string vcard:string user_id:long = MessageMedia;
messageMediaUnsupported#9f84f49e = MessageMedia;
messageMediaDocument#4cf4d72d flags:# nopremium:flags.3?true spoiler:flags.4?true video:flags.6?true round:flags.7?true voice:flags.8?true document:flags.0?Document alt_document:flags.5?Document ttl_seconds:flags.2?int = MessageMedia;
messageMediaWebPage#ddf10c3b flags:# force_large_media:flags.0?true force_small_media:flags.1?true manual:flags.3?true safe:flags.4?true webpage:WebPage = MessageMedia;
messageMediaVenue#2ec0533f geo:GeoPoint title:string address:string provider:string venue_id:string venue_type:string = MessageMedia;
messageMediaGame#fdb19008 game:Game = MessageMedia;
messageMediaInvoice#f6a548d3 flags:# shipping_address_requested:flags.1?true test:flags.3?true title:string description:string photo:flags.0?WebDocument receipt_msg_id:flags.2?int currency:string total_amount:long start_param:string extended_media:flags.4?MessageExtendedMedia = MessageMedia;
messageMediaGeoLive#b940c666 flags:# geo:GeoPoint heading:flags.0?int period:int proximity_notification_radius:flags.1?int = MessageMedia;
messageMediaPoll#4bd6e798 poll:Poll results:PollResults = MessageMedia;
messageMediaDice#3f7ee58b value:int emoticon:string = MessageMedia;
messageMediaStory#68cb6283 flags:# via_mention:flags.1?true peer:Peer id:int story:flags.0?StoryItem = MessageMedia;
messageMediaGiveaway#daad85b0 flags:# only_new_subscribers:flags.0?true winners_are_visible:flags.2?true channels:Vector<long> countries_iso2:flags.1?Vector<string> prize_description:flags.3?string quantity:int months:int until_date:int = MessageMedia;
messageMediaGiveawayResults#c6991068 flags:# only_new_subscribers:flags.0?true refunded:flags.2?true channel_id:long additional_peers_count:flags.3?int launch_msg_id:int winners_count:int unclaimed_count:int winners:Vector<long> months:int prize_description:flags.1?string until_date:int = MessageMedia;
messages.uploadMedia#519bc2b1 peer:InputPeer media:InputMedia = MessageMedia;


Name Type Description
peer InputPeer The chat, can be inputPeerEmpty for bots and inputPeerSelf for users.
media InputMedia File uploaded in chunks as described in files ยป



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 CHANNEL_INVALID The provided channel is invalid.
400 CHANNEL_PRIVATE You haven't joined this channel/supergroup.
400 CHAT_ADMIN_REQUIRED You must be an admin in this chat to do this.
400 CHAT_ID_INVALID The provided chat id is invalid.
400 CHAT_RESTRICTED You can't send messages in this chat, you were restricted.
403 CHAT_WRITE_FORBIDDEN You can't write in this chat.
400 FILE_PARTS_INVALID The number of file parts is invalid.
400 FILE_PART_LENGTH_INVALID The length of a file part is invalid.
400 IMAGE_PROCESS_FAILED Failure while processing image.
400 INPUT_USER_DEACTIVATED The specified user was deleted.
400 MEDIA_INVALID Media invalid.
400 MSG_ID_INVALID Invalid message ID provided.
400 PEER_ID_INVALID The provided peer id is invalid.
400 PHOTO_EXT_INVALID The extension of the photo is invalid.
400 PHOTO_INVALID_DIMENSIONS The photo dimensions are invalid.
400 PHOTO_SAVE_FILE_INVALID Internal issues, try again later.
400 USER_BANNED_IN_CHANNEL You're banned from sending messages in supergroups/channels.
400 WEBPAGE_CURL_FAILED Failure while fetching the webpage with cURL.

Bots can use this method

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